For some, Linux is just another operating system. For me it is an endless hobby. Even after a busy and stressful day, I take tremendous enjoyment out of quirking with Linux. Trying out different distributions, building server configurations with Ansible, packaging applications on OBS, lurking related forums and Reddit threads, scanning eBay for deals on used server hardware and Thinkpads, and so much more.

Often, after learning something new, I make notes for myself as a future reference. Initially just short text files, but the more I learned, the more effort I put into writing these notes. By now I have a well filled private GitHub repository with fully detailed and beautifully Markdown formatted notes. Recently, while browsing through my notes repository, I realized two things: (1) I quite enjoy writing these notes and (2) It is such a waste that only I have access to these notes. And that is how the idea for this blog was born.

PragmaticLinux is a blog that I started in 2020, where I post Linux related tutorials and how-to articles covering a wide range of topics for both server and desktop usage. Its content is targeted at both the beginner and intermediate Linux user. The goal of the articles is to encourage a hands-on approach. I am hoping for a “Hey, that sounds interesting. Let me try that out myself”-type response.

In my day job, I am a self-employed software engineer and have done so ever since 2003. During this time I completed a fair share of contract work and singlehandedly developed several software solutions, both open source and proprietary. I created trainings and organized these in both a corporate and university setting.

Thousands of people around the globe volunteer time and energy to make Linux better and to keep it secure, free and open. Linux has given me countless hours of fun and I kept thinking about how I could give something back to the Linux community. This blog is my attempt at spreading the Linux love. I hope you like it!

Frank Voorburg